Division, Age and Group Size Info

Please read level descriptions carefully and be fair and honest with dancer placement. No Elite Gems dancer is permitted in Novice Gems or Future Gems Divisions. A Novice Gems or Future Gems dancer may opt to perform in a higher division.


  • Novice Gems - For the beginner dancer that meets both of the following criteria:
    • Trains 2 hours or less per week
    • Has had a total of 2 years or less of training in any one or a combination of dance forms
    • NOTE: Solos and duos/trios must be 100% Novice Gems. Groups and lines may be 70% Novice Gems with the remaining 30% Future Gems. Pointe routines are not allowed in this division.
  • Future Gems - For the intermediate dancer that meets the following criteria:
    • Trains 5 hours or less per week, which includes class and all studio rehearsal time during the competitive season. Time is inclusive of training in any genre regardless of where the training takes place. E.g. Dance studio, school dance team, private lessons, etc.
    • Has a total of 2 to 5 years of training in any one or a combination of dance forms
  • Elite Gems - For the advanced dancer who trains more than 5 hours per week or for any dancer with more advanced skills.
  • Adult - For a routine with any one dancer age 20 or older. 


Any Novice Gems or Future Gems dancer registered in more than 5 Elite Gems routines (excluding Productions) will be ineligible to compete in the Novice Gems and Future Gems divisions. Any routine found to be in violation of the Division Conflict rule will be automatically moved to the Elite Gems division and the studio will be notified by email.


Enter dancers according to age as of January 1, 2018. For duo/trios, groups, and lines, the dancers’ ages will be averaged and the decimal dropped to determine the age category and group.

  • Petite - 4 & under, 5-6, 7-8
  • Junior - 9, 10, 11
  • Teen - 12, 13, 14
  • Senior - 15, 16, 17-19
  • Adult - 20-28, 29+


  • Solo - 1 Dancer | 2:45 Standard | 3:15 Extended
  • Duo/Trio - 2-3 Dancers | 2:45 Standard | 3:15 Extended
  • Small Group - 4-9 Dancers | 3:00 Standard | 4:00 Extended
  • Large Group - 10-19 Dancers | 4:00 Standard | 6:00 Extended
  • Line - 20+ Dancers | 4:00 Standard | 7:00 Extended
  • Production - 20+ Dancers | 6:00 Standard | 10:00 Extended

NOTE: All Solos, Duos/Trios, Groups and Lines are allowed an additional 1 minute total time (3 minutes for Productions) for set-up and tear-down of props and stage sets. If a routine exceeds the total Standard or Extended Time plus the allowed prop set time stated above, penalties may be assessed. Routines must be pre-registered for Extended Time as this cannot be added after a routine has already performed.