Frequently Asked Questions

What are your 2019 Regional and National rates?

Fee information is available to Studio Directors only. Please log into your studio account to view the rates.

Do you accept independent entries?

Yes, we accept independent entries without any restriction! Simply create a studio account with the studio name: Independent – LastName (ex: Independent – Smith) and complete your registration.

What are the criteria used to select your judges?

Spotlight judges are comprised of championship-caliber studio directors, professional dance center instructors, and performing dance professionals. Our judges are well-trained in multiple genres of dance and are sensitive to the various skill levels represented by the dancers’ differing ages. This mixture of age, breadth of dance experience, and extensive background in performing arts contributes to the diverse range of feedback offered.

What is the Royalty Rewards rebate program?

All credit payments will receive a 3% rebate if payment exceeds $2,000 and is received in full by the regional event rebate date. Studio Directors can increase to 5%-8% rebate if payment is made by check or e-check, recognizing their loyal support. The same rules apply for registration total and payment date.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Payment is required at the point of registration via our online payment system.

  • Prior to the Closing Date (32+ days prior to event) –  E-check, credit/debit card, studio check, cashiers’ check, money order and/or gift certificates
  • After the Closing Date (31-21 days prior to event) – E-check, credit/debit card, cashiers’ check, money order. NO personal or studio checks will be accepted past the event closing date. Post Close Rates apply and expedited shipping of cashiers’ checks and/or money orders is required
  • After the Closing Date (1-20 days prior to event)– Credit card only – Post Close Rates apply
  • At Event – For at-event additions only, subject to schedule availability. Credit/debit card, cashiers’ check, money order – Post Close Rates apply


  • Returned checks are assessed a $35 fee; any applicable rebate is forfeited and delinquency charges and/or post-close rate will apply. Refunds for over-payment will be issued in the original form of payment within 10 days following the event.
  • Payments received through the mail will be credited on the date of postmark. We recommend mailing payments a few days early or expedited service, to ensure the deadline is met. Please be aware that any payment received more than 6 days after the closing date will be applied to your account; however, Post-Close Rates will automatically apply, increasing the amount due, which you will also be responsible for settling prior to the event.
  • If paying by the Rebate Date, ALL Gift Certificates must be submitted at the time of payment in order to receive the credit to your account.

When will the event schedule be available?

Teacher Packets will be available approximately two weeks prior to the event on your account home page. Email notifications will be sent when they become available. Teacher Packets include event schedule, studio specific schedule with entry numbers, facility directions and any additional pertinent information. NOTE: Studio Specific Schedules will only be available when accounts are paid in full.

How do I submit music?

Music may be submitted prior to the event via your studio account. If using the Music Upload feature, upload must be completed the Tuesday prior to the event by MIDNIGHT. If using a USB flash drive, all music should be on one flash drive per studio and turned in at the start of the event.

Do we have to stay at the host hotel?

While it is not required that you stay at the host hotel, Spotlight highly recommends it. We research all lodging in your area in an attempt to find you the best value for your stay. We select hotels based on quality, price, and distance from event facility. If you need lodging, please call the host hotel and ask fro the Spotlight Dance Cup rate to receive a special discounted price.

If we do not attend a Regional Event, can we still attend your Nationals Event?

Yes, but we do require video qualification. Please contact our office at for additional information.

Am I allowed to videotape or photograph my child during the performance?

All photo/video of performances is strictly prohibited. This is in order to abide by copyright law and protect the privacy of the participating dancers, as the competition is open to all spectators. We have a professional videographer and photographer at every event with images and video for purchase. No recording devices of any kind are allowed in dressing rooms. Failure to comply with these guidelines could result in penalties for studios, disqualification of routines, and/or immediate removal from the event.

What is the definition of a Teacher/Pro?

A teacher/pro is defined as one receiving payment for their choreography, performance, and/or instruction, but not student teachers ages 19 years or less. The Teacher/Pro entries will be scored separately and will not be grouped with other adult division entries for overall awards.

I have a dancer who cannot perform on Sunday; can I make a special request for their performance time?

Yes, you will need your Studio Director to submit a special request, prior to the event closing date. There is a $20 fee per request, and payment is due at the time of the request. Spotlight will make every effort to meet each request, however, if we are unable to do so, the studio will be notified with alternatives which may include a refund for the affected routine.

I have a routine that is over the time limit. What are my options?

When registering, you will need to select the Extended Time box for the routine. Please refer to ‘Time Limits’ in our Rules maximum time limits for groups of all sizes. Additional fees apply.

What kind of props are we NOT allowed to use?

  • Fire, knives, weapons, live animals, helium-filled balloons and fog machines are prohibited.
  • Motor vehicles cannot be started.
  • Special lighting requests are not permitted
  • Props Involving Electricity

What are the Triple Crown and Studio Achievement Awards?

These awards are a unique opportunity that Spotlight Dance Cup provides, designed to showcase your studio’s most talented dancers! Register for these awards in advance or at the event. These awards apply to the Elite Gems division only. You may register multiple combinations for each award; however a routine may only be used once. Highest combined score will receive a beautiful crystal trophy. Additional fee applies.