Rules and Event Information

2019 rules are now available.

Divisions, Age Categories & Group Sizes


  • Novice Gems – For the beginner dancer who trains a maximum of 2 hours per week and has a maximum of 2 years of training.
  • Future Gems – For the intermediate dancer who trains a maximum of 5 hours per week and has a maximum of 5 years of training.
  • Elite Gems – For the advanced dancer who trains more than 5 hours per week or for any dancer with more advanced skills regardless of hours of dance training
  • Adult – For a routine with any one dancer age 20 or older.

Studios will assign a division to each dancer during the registration process. Division placement is at the discretion of the studio directors and teachers. Please read descriptions carefully and be fair and honest with dancer placement. NOTE: No Elite Gems dancer is permitted in Novice Gems or Future Gems Divisions. NOTE: A dancer may only compete in a maximum of two levels. These levels must be consecutive.

  • Solos – Soloists must perform all solos within their assigned division
  • Duos/Trios – Division is determined by its highest level dancer.
  • Groups & Lines – Novice Gems groups and lines must be 70% Novice Gems with the remaining 30% Future Gems. | Future Gems groups and lines must be 100% Novice Gems or Future Gems. | Elite Gems groups and lines must be 100% Future Gems or Elite Gems.


ANY Novice Gems or Future Gems dancer registered in more than 5 Elite Gems routines (excluding Productions) will be ineligible to compete in the Novice Gems and Future Gems divisions. Any routine found to be in violation of the Division Conflict rule will be automatically moved to the Elite Gems division and the studio will be notified by email. NOTE: At the event, if the judges unanimously determine that a routine should be competed at a higher level, the routine will be bumped and scored as adjudication only, at the Event Manager’s discretion.


Enter dancers according to age as of January 1, 2018. For duo/trios, groups, and lines, the dancers’ ages will be averaged and the decimal dropped to determine the age category and group.

  • Petite – 4 & under, 5-6, 7-8
  • Junior – 9, 10, 11
  • Teen – 12, 13, 14
  • Senior – 15, 16, 17-19
  • Adult – 20-28, 29+


  • Solo – 1 Dancer | 2:45 Standard | 3:15 Extended
  • Duo/Trio – 2-3 Dancers | 2:45 Standard | 3:45 Extended
  • Small Group – 4-9 Dancers | 3:00 Standard | 4:00 Extended
  • Large Group – 10-19 Dancers | 4:00 Standard | 6:00 Extended
  • Line – 20+ Dancers | 4:00 Standard | 7:00 Extended
  • Production – 15+ Dancers | 8:00 Standard | 10:00 Extended

NOTE: All Solos, Duos/Trios, Groups and Lines are allowed an additional 1 minute total time (3 minutes for Productions) for set-up and tear-down of props and stage sets. If a routine exceeds the total Standard or Extended Time plus the allowed prop set time stated above, penalties may be assessed. Routines must be pre-registered for Extended Time as this cannot be added after a routine has already performed.


NOTE: Lip sync and vocalization are permitted in all categories. Gymnastic/acrobatic moves are limited to 3 in all categories except Acro Dance, Student Choreography, Open, Pom/Drill & Production, which allow unlimited moves. A round-off is considered an acro move unless used as a pass preparation. Acro moves performed in unison by two or more dancers are considered one move. Consecutive moves by different dancers are counted separately.

  • Acro Dance – Acrobatic routine incorporating dance choreography
  • Ballet – Routine containing classical ballet techinique
  • Contemporary – Demonstrates a fusion of ballet, lyrical or jazz with modern movement & technique
  • Folkloric – Ethnic dance such as Clogging, Hawaiian, Irish, Spanish, etc.
  • Hip-Hop – Stree Dance, Free-Style, Pop ‘n Lock, etc.
  • Jazz – Routine containing traditional or current jazz technique
  • Jazz Funk – A fusion of jazz technique and elements of hip-hop
  • Lyrical – Choreography that expresses the lyrics of the music
  • Modern – Dance emphasizing interpretive movement using modern technique
  • Musical Theatre – Broadway, novelty, or theme-based
  • Open – Any style or combo of genres. Anything goes!
  • Pointe – Classical ballet technique performed en pointe
  • Pom/Drill – Drill team style, with or without poms
  • Song & Dance – Contains live singing & dance choreography. No pre-recorded vocal melody line permitted; however, backup vocals are allowed. Two hands-free or hand-held wireless microphones provided upon request.
  • Student Choreography – Student choreographed routine of any style or group size with no instructor assistance. No repetition of music or major dance combos from other studio routines. Choreographer does not need to perform in the routine. Routine may be registered in regular categories at studio’s discretion.
  • Tap – Any style of tap work & technique, including Broadway, rhythm, soft shoe, etc.


  • Interpretive – Impromptu choreography to music selected by Spotlight – approximately one minute in length. Dancer can choose from Hip-Hop, Jazz, Lyrical or Tap. Music will be provided by the Stage Manager approx. 15 min. prior to performance. Elite Gems division only.
  • Photogenic – Submit a high resolution photo to be judged on overall appearance. Register at the Boutique based on dancer’s age on January 1, 2019. Award will typically be presented during Elite Gems solos per age category. Registered competitors only.
  • Production – Theme based or story line routine that may contain multiple ages, levels and dance forms. Production routines may contain one adult dancer.
  • Teacher/Pro – For any dancer 20 years or older that receives payment for choreography, performance and/or instruction. A routine containing any one Teacher/Pro must be entered in this category.
  • Title Solo – For the Elite Gems division dancer competing for the title of Mr. or Miss Spotlight. Dancer may register multiple solos for Title. NOTE: 2018 Titleholders are ineligible to compete in 2019 unless moving to a new age category, but may compete in subsequent years or at another event. The same person cannot hold the title in more than one event in the same year.
  • Vocal – Vocal Performance of any genre. May include limited choreography but must be at least 75% vocal.No pre-recorded vocal melody is permitted; backup vocalizations are allowed. Two hands-free or hand-held wireless mics will be provided upon request.


A unique opportunity presented at Spotlight Dance Cup designed to showcase your studio’s most talented dancers! Register for these awards in advance or at the event. Applies to Elite Gems division only. You may register multiple combinations for each award; however a routine may only be used once. Highest combined score will receive a beautiful crystal trophy. Additional fee applies.

  • Triple Crown – Choose three solos from the same Elite Gems age category (i.e. Elite Gems Teen). These can be the same or different dancers and can feature any category. Awarded during the solo awards ceremony for that division.
  • Studio Achievement for Duo/Trio – Choose three duo/trios from different Elite Gems age categories. Awarded at the final duo/trio awards ceremony. (i.e. Elite Gems Junior Duo, Elite Gems Teen Duo, Elite Gems Senior Trio)
  • Studio Achievement for Groups/Lines – Choose three groups or lines from different Elite Gems age categories. Awarded at the final group awards ceremony. (i.e. Elite Gems Petite Small Group, Elite Gems Teen Large Group, Elite Gems Senior Small Group)

Fees & Royalty Rewards Rebate


Please log in to your studio account for 2019 entry fees. Rates are provided to studio directors and teachers only.

  • Royalty Rewards – For invoices over $2000. Register and pay by the Rebate Date to receive up to 8% off of your total invoice.
  • Standard Rate – Register and pay by the Closing Date to receive our Standard Rate
  • Post-Close Rate – Registration and/or payment made after the Closing Date will be charged the Post-Close Rate.

NOTE: See our website for more information on Rebate and Closing Dates for specific events.


Credit card payments will receive a 3% rebate. Studio Directors, can increase to a 5% – 8% rebate recognizing their loyal support, when payment is made by check/E-check! To qualify, registration must exceed $2000 and be paid in full by the rebate date. Contact the Spotlight office for more details.


Each studio/independent entry will be charged a $25 registration fee. This fee is waived when invoice total exceeds $2000. Studios that require their solo/duo/trio dancers to enter and pay independently under their studio name will be charged a $25.00 per transaction fee. NOTE: Independents must pay-in-full at the point of registration regardless of the date of registration.


We will accept special requests for a $20 fee per routine up to the closing date. Requests
are completed during the registration process. Spotlight will make every effort to meet each request, if we are unable to do so, the studio will be notified with alternatives, which may include a refund for the effected routine.

Payments & Refunds


Payment is required at the point of registration via our online payment system. Accounts not paid in full by the closing date will automatically increase from the Standard Rate to the Post Close Rate.

  • Prior to the Closing Date (32+ days prior to event) – E-check, credit/debit card, studio check, cashier’s check, money order, gift certificates
  • After the Closing Date (31-21 days prior to event) – E-check, credit/debit card, cashiers’ check, money order – NOTE: NO personal or studio checks. Post Close Rates apply and expedited shipping of cashiers’ checks and/or money orders is required.
  • After the Closing Date (20 or less days prior to event) – Credit card – NOTE: Post Close Rates apply
  • At Event – credit/debit card, cashier’s check, money order – NOTE: Post Close Rates apply

*Returned checks are assessed a $35 fee; any applicable rebate is forfeited and delinquency charge and/or post-close rate will apply. Refunds for over payment will be issued in the original form of payment within 10 days following the event. NOTE: Payments received through the mail will be credited on the date of postmark. We recommend you mail your payment a few days early or use an expedited service to assure the deadline is met. Please be aware that any payment received more than 6 days after the closing date will be applied to your account; however, Post Close Rates will apply to ALL registration and you will be billed for the updated balance due. NOTE: All Monetary Awards must be applied prior to completing the payment process, instructions are available on the studio account.


No cash refunds will be issued after the closing date. No exceptions. In the case of medical emergencies, a 50% credit in the form of a gift certificate may be issued upon receipt of an official doctor’s statement.

Registration & Changes

Register online at Completed online entries, an e-signed Terms and Conditions Agreement, and PAYMENT IN FULL must be submitted for entries to be accepted. Independent dancers may register for Spotlight Dance Cup; please create an online account for more details.


Check your invoice carefully and immediately for accuracy following the closing date. Any change requested within seven days of the closing date will be made free of charge, after which a $20 fee will be assessed and must be paid at the time of request. Please send all requests to no later than 12:00PM MST, Tuesday prior to the regional
event. Any change requested after that deadline must be made at the event. All change requests are subject to event capacity restrictions and are not guaranteed. NOTE: No changes or additions will be made for any account that is not paid in full. Late or changed entries may not be reflected in the souvenir program or on studio group plaques.


Entries submitted after the closing date will be charged at the Post Close Rate (see “Fees” above). Entries will be accepted up to and including the competition day if time permits and must be paid at time of submission.


Spotlight reserves the right to limit and/or close registration at any time, cancel or reschedule an event, add additional days, extend any competition as a result of the number of entries received, change venues, limit solos to 1 per dancer, or to make any other reasonable changes deemed necessary. When an event is closed due to over-capacity registration, entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis according to the actual received date of full payment and completed
registration. In the event of cancellation, entry fees will be refunded or transferred to another event, as desired by the studio.

Event Info, Music & Schedule


Teacher Packets will be available approximately two weeks prior to the event on your account home page. Email notification will be sent when they become available. Teacher Packets include event schedule, studio specific schedule with entry numbers, facility directions and any additional pertinent information. NOTE: All event specific information for studios, will be available, only when accounts are paid in full.


Spotlight does not have a general schedule format for our competitions. Schedules are uniquely created, based on the registration for that particular city. The routine count and type is different for each event, and we do not have this information until registration has been completed. This allows us to create a schedule that best accommodates each studio and dancer, utilizing competition time in an efficient manner. Once the schedule has been released, it is final, unless otherwise noted.


Music submitted at the event must be turned in at studio check-in or to the Sound Technician at least 10 routines before performance time. Regardless of how music is submitted, you must have a backup available in the form of USB flash drive, or iPod. NOTE: Please pick up all music submitted at the event following your last awards ceremony, from the Show Director or Event Manager.

  • Music Upload (preferred) – All music submitted online via the registration process will be transported to the event by Spotlight. Deadline for uploading music is Tuesday prior to the regional event, by MIDNIGHT; after that time music must be submitted on a USB flash drive.
  • USB Flash Drive – Each routine must be labeled as follows: #_routine name_studio code (example: 010_Fever_C). All music for the event can be submitted on one flash drive, in mp3 format with a minimum bit rate of 128. However, if you are attending an event with multiple stages, please provide separate flash drives for each stage.


Pre-set props are allowed in all routines. A prop is defined as anything that can be carried onstage in one piece and/or can be placed onstage in approx. 30 seconds or less, and a stage set is defined as anything that needs to be assembled on stage and/or takes more than 30-45 seconds. All props must be free standing and may not be attached to any apparatus or stage rigging.

  • Solo/Duo/Trio/Group/Line – Set up and removed within 1 minute TOTAL time. Assembly/set up that exceeds 30 seconds will automatically start the timing of that routine.
  • Production – Set up and removed within 3 minutes total time. Assembly that exceeds 1 ½ minutes will automatically start the timing of that routine. Adding extended time when registering production routines is recommended.
  • NOTE: If additional time is needed for set up and removal of props/stage sets you must register as an Extended Time routine and adhere to stated time limits to avoid a penalty.


  • Fire, knives, weapons, live animals, helium-filled balloons and fog machines are prohibited
  • Motor vehicles cannot be started.
  • Props Involving Electricity:  (A) must be UL approved, portable, and self-contained; (B) Extension cords must be supplied by the studio; (C) Available outlets are not guaranteed; (D) Maximum power is limited to a single 110 volt/15 amp outlet
  • Prop Delivery: (A) Props can be delivered backstage up to two hours prior to a performance (B) Props must be removed within one hour following the performance (C) Storage space for props (and/or prop trailers & trucks) is not guaranteed (D) Parking location of prop trailers or trucks must be Spotlight and/or venue staff approved
  • Special lighting requests are not permitted


Props or objects of any kind may not be thrown off the stage, cause damage, or leave any residue on the stage floor – such as liquids, gels, aerosols, glitters, powders, etc. Stage must be returned to its original pre-performance condition within thirty seconds. Choreography that allows any dancer to be physically placed more than six feet off the ground on any scenic piece or prop may be considered hazardous and result in a point deduction penalty. Routines in violation of these safety standards may be penalized or disqualified at Spotlight’s discretion.

Spotlight Title

Dancers competing for this prestigious Spotlight award will perform in two categories – Title solo and on-stage interview. Scores are combined to determine overall winners; when multiple solos are entered for Title, the highest solo score is used. Title upgrades are allowed at the event if time permits. Title winners receive a sash, Title jacket, free Nationals second solo Title upgrade, in addition to an exclusive party at Nationals with a Spotlight VIP. Dancers must compete for Title & qualify at a regional event, in order to compete for the National Title


Title solos may be in any category and are still eligible for overall awards.

All contestants in the same division will join the Show Director on stage to perform the following:

  • Biography – Recite a bio that includes name, age, city, state, studio, and teacher(s)/choreographer(s). This can be phrased in any fashion, however, no singing or additional information permitted.
  • Question – Answer one of four questions which may be obtained from the Stage Manager no more than one hour prior to the on stage interview.
  • Dance Combo – Contestant will perform a 15 second or less dance combination in any style without music.
  • Attire – Basic dancewear and any type of shoe is permitted – No costumes or embellishments of any kind permitted on the attire. Rhinestone jewelry and/or hair accessories are acceptable.
  • Noncompliance to any of the above will result in a 5-point penalty per infraction.

Triple Crown & Studio Achievement

A unique opportunity presented at Spotlight Dance Cup designed to showcase your studio’s most talented dancers! Register for these awards in advance or at the event. Applies to Elite Gems division only. You may register multiple combinations for each award; however a routine may only be used once. Highest combined score will receive a beautiful crystal trophy. Additional fee applies.

  • Triple Crown – Choose three solos from the same Elite Gems age category (i.e. Elite Gems Teen). These can be the same or different dancers and can feature any category. Awarded during the solo awards ceremony for that division.
  • Studio Achievement for Duo/Trio – Choose three duo/trios from different Elite Gems age categories. Awarded at the final duo/trio awards ceremony. (i.e. Elite Gems Junior Duo, Elite Gems Teen Duo, Elite Gems Senior Trio)
  • Studio Achievement for Groups/Lines – Choose three groups or lines from different Elite Gems age categories. Awarded at the final group awards ceremony. (i.e. Elite Gems Petite Small Group, Elite Gems Teen Large Group, Elite Gems Senior Small Group)

Studio & Routine Check-In


Directors (or designees) are required to check in either thirty minutes prior to the start of the event or at least one hour prior to their first scheduled performance. At this time, submit your pre-labeled music (if applicable) and receive all pertinent event information.


A studio representative (teacher, dancer, etc.) must check in with the Stage Manager three routines prior to their performance. Intentional manipulation of performance order (i.e. purposely rehearsing or delaying) or performing “out-of order” without prior permission from the Stage Manager, Show Director, or Event Manager may result in a penalty or the routine performing for “adjudication only” at the discretion of Spotlight staff or judges.

Dance Down & Photogenic


Simulates a professional audition where dancers are taught a short, jazz-style combination on stage for the judges. Contestants will be split into performance groups and the winners are chosen through process of elimination. Purchase your ticket at the Spotlight Boutique and register according to age on the day of the event. Prizes awarded to finalists in each division. Dance Downs may be available in the following divisions:

  • Future Gems – Future Gems dancers with a suggested age range of 8-14 (select cities only)
  • Junior Elite – Elite Gems dancers 12 & under, with a suggested minimum age of 8
  • Senior Elite – Elite Gems dancers ages 13-19


All photogenic entries must be turned in to the Spotlight Boutique at the event. Do not mail to the Spotlight office. Registration is allowed up to one hour prior to scheduled awards ceremony. Photo must be taken within the past twelve months and an 8×10 headshot is recommended. Please print dancer name, age, studio name and event city on the back of each photo. Multiple photos may be submitted; however, only one dancer per photo. Mr. Photogenic will be awarded when minimum registration requirement is met, otherwise, they will be combined with female entries. Winning photos will be retained and automatically entered in our National Championship Finals. Winners may be featured in Spotlight’s brochures, ads and programs. Photogenic entries will not receive score sheets. It is the responsibility of the contestant to retrieve any non-winning photos from the Spotlight Boutique prior to the end of event. Spotlight is not responsible for the return of any photos or for any photo that is misplaced, lost or damaged.

Scoring, Awards & Cash Prizes


Spotlight judges are comprised of championship caliber studio directors, professional dance instructors, and performing dance professionals. Our judges are well trained in multiple genres of dance and are sensitive to the various skills represented by the dancers’ differing ages and levels. This mixture of age, breadth of dance experience, and extensive background in performing arts contributes to the diverse range of feedback our judges offer competitors. Every effort is made
to provide feedback in five main areas: Technique, Choreography, Age/Skill level, Execution and Performance Skills. All decisions made by our highly qualified and competent judging panel are final and all judging methods used will be at the sole discretion of Spotlight Dance Cup


A panel of three or more judges will score each routine based on a system of 100 points per judge. Ties will be broken based on 1) highest technique score 2) highest presentation score 3) judges’ decision. Judges’ decisions are final.

  • Technique – 30 points
  • Execution – 25 points
  • Presentation – 25 points
  • Choreography – 10 points
  • Difficulty – 10 points


  • Wrong Category/Division – 10 points
  • Over Time Limit – 10 points
  • Prop Rule Violation – 5 points
  • Safety Violation – 5 to 10 points
  • Performance Order Violation – 5 to 10 points
  • Family Friendly Rule Violation – 5 to 30 points
  • Other Rule Violations – 5 to 25 points
  • NOTE: Other Rule Violations include, but are not limited to dancer prompting, videography or photography violation, facility abuse, screaming, dancer heckling or other unsportsmanlike behavior while at the event. Spotlight reserves the right to assess penalties, adjudicate only or disqualify routines and/or a studio if deemed necessary.
  • NOTE: If a dancer does not complete a routine for any reason, the routine will be scored, as is, for adjudication only.


Novice Gems

  • Diamond – 261 to 300 points
  • Ruby – 252 to 260 points
  • Emerald – 234 to 251 points
  • Sapphire – 200 to 233 points

Future Gems

  • Diamond – 264 to 300 points
  • Ruby – 255 to 263 points
  • Emerald – 237 to 254 points
  • Sapphire – 200 to 236 points

Elite Gems ~ Petite & Junior

  • Diamond – 267 to 300 points
  • Ruby – 258 to 266 points
  • Emerald – 240 to 257 points
  • Sapphire – 200 to 239 points

Elite Gems ~ Teen | Specialty | Adult

  • Diamond – 270 to 300 points
  • Ruby – 261 to 269 points
  • Emerald – 243 to 260 points
  • Sapphire – 200 to 242 points

Elite Gems ~ Senior

  • Diamond – 273 to 300 points
  • Ruby – 264 to 272 points
  • Emerald – 246 to 263 points
  • Sapphire – 200 to 245 points

Adjudicated & Category Awards – Each dancer/routine will receive a Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, or Sapphire placement award based on our adjudicated point system (subject to adjustment if deemed appropriate). A category winner award will be given to the routine with the highest score in each category with two or more routines competing.

High Score Overall – High Score Overall awards are given in each division and group size, will range from 1-20, and are based on total registration numbers. When minimum requirements are not met, age categories may be combined. The same dancer cannot place more than once as an overall soloist. A representative from the studio must be present at the awards ceremony to be eligible for overall awards. NOTE: This IS our standard practice; however, Spotlight may choose to combine group sizes on an exception basis at management discretion.

Monetary Awards – Cash awards and/or gift certificates may be given in the Elite Gems division when the minimum requirements are met. Novice Gems and Future Gems divisions are not eligible for monetary awards. Monetary prizes are the property of the studio and distributed at the director’s discretion. Studios can receive up to double the cash value when used toward National Finals 2019 registration! Monetary Awards are stored on the studio account homepage.

Spotlight Awards – “Spotlight Awards” will be given at each awards ceremony in the following areas: Outstanding Costume, Showmanship, Entertainment, Technical Skill, Choreography, and “A Cut Above”. Spotlight Events will award an undetermined number of Special Awards at the Director’s and/or Judges’ discretion, including Judge’s Choice, Sweepstakes and Sportsmanship Awards.

Sharing The Spotlight Scholarship Program – Spotlight Dance Cup recognizes individuals that excel both on and off stage through our “Sharing the Spotlight” Scholarship Program. Current Senior Dancers who are attending college and/or furthering their dance education, directly following the 2019 competition season, are eligible to apply. Click or copy and paste the link into your web browser for more information

Miscellaneous Guidelines & Info


Division Challenge: If you, as the studio director, believe that a routine has not been entered in the correct division, you may challenge the specific routine by following our written protest procedures. Please see the Show Director at the event for the appropriate protest form. Any routine challenged and found to be in violation of the division criteria may be disqualified, adjudicated only, or bumped to the proper division at Spotlight’s discretion. Protests must be
submitted at least one hour prior to the applicable ceremony and preferably within 30 minutes of the performance in question.


Dancers’ safety is paramount at Spotlight Dance Cup. Stage Managers, marley floor, and first aid kits are provided. Spotlight stresses the importance of safety and executing only those skills, techniques and practices that will not cause undue harm or injury to performers, spectators, or the stage. In order to ensure the safety of all, 100% of choreography must be performed within the boundaries of the provided stage area. Dancing in aisles, on or around the judges’ table, jumping off the stage, and/or performing in any other part of the theatre is strictly prohibited. Routines in violation of these noted safety standards will be penalized or disqualified at Spotlight’s discretion.


Spotlight Dance Cup is dedicated to providing an environment that is family friendly. We realize that dance is an art form and crosses a broad range of styles and tastes; however, routines, costumes and music must be age appropriate and suitable for audiences that include children of every age. Offensive language/lyrics, choreography, costuming, and/or the use of dance themes such as rape, suicide, murder, sex, domestic violence, anorexia or other dark undertones presented with a lack of “artistic discretion” may be considered inappropriate. We recognize that this is extremely subjective and sensitive. Therefore, Spotlight judges and staff will use their utmost professional judgment to ensure appropriateness while still encouraging artistic creativity.


Recording and transmitting devices of any kind are strictly prohibited, as in any
professional performance venue, in order to abide by copyright law and due to the prevalence of persons of questionable nature. This includes Facetime and similar mobile technology during a performance. Your cooperation is appreciated to protect the dancers and the work of the choreographers. As a convenience to participants, a professional videographer and photographer will be at the event and their products will be available for purchase. No recording devices of any type are allowed in the dressing rooms. We have the exclusive right to deny any person(s) or studio(s) access to the competition in any way due to misconduct, misuse, or otherwise. Failure to comply with these guidelines could result in penalties or disqualification of the dancer(s) and/or studio. We urge all studio owners, teachers, and especially parents, to help keep our performers photographically safe. NOTE: Spotlight Dance Cup reserves the right to use any image taken at our events by our partners and affiliates.


Same gender parents and teachers only allowed in dressing rooms. Family dressing space is available upon request. Please see the Stage Manager for details.


Teachers and performers only allowed backstage. ALL parents and students not performing in the current division are to watch from the audience.

Venue Info


We secure high quality theaters and utilize stages of no less than 40 ft. wide by 30 ft. deep and covered with Marley floor. For further information about a particular venue, please contact our office.


Dressing rooms, performance, workshop/loading dock and audience areas are to be left in the same condition after the competition as before. If any attendee abuses the premises in any way, or food/drink/gum is found on the premises, Spotlight reserves the right to discard it and to excuse spectators and competitors from the event. Non-compliance could result in disqualification of the dancer and/or studio.


Workshop classes will be held at select Regional events for dancers ages 10 and up. Classes may be offered in various genres including but not limited to jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, tap, ballet and musical theatre. Classes are subject to time availability, minimum participation requirements, and any other parameters deemed applicable. Pre-registration is encouraged; however, late registration will be accepted, space permitting, at the “At Event” rates. Registration fees are nonrefundable. Registered Teachers and Directors will be admitted to classes with their Spotlight issued pass.

  • Single Class – $30 Standard Rate | $35 Event Rate
  • Full Day (3 Classes) – $75 Standard Rate | $90 Event Rate
  • Observer – $25 Standard Rate | $25 Event Rate

Observer Guidelines – Observers at regional workshops must purchase an observer pass, accompany a workshop attendee and may not take class or notes at any time. No children allowed unless registered dancers. Recording and transmitting devices of any kind are strictly prohibited to protect the dancers and the work of the choreographers.

Critiques, Score Sheets & Monetary Awards

Log in to your studio account on the registration portal following the event, score sheets will be available Tuesday, end of business, following your event. Video critiques & monetary awards will be available no later than Friday, end of business. Information is provided to studio directors only.