Spotlight Ambassador Programs

Exclusively at Spotlight, we have created two Ambassador Programs to present more involvement opportunities for all dancers! 


Shine On Ambassador:

This will be the fifth year of our Shine On Ambassador program! It is an opportunity to write for our Shine On! blog. Dancers (male and female, ages 13-22) who have a passion for dance, life and writing should apply for this position. A year-long commitment and one blog a month is required. This Ambassadorship will provide you the opportunity to be creative, connect with other dancers, build your dance resume and attend our nationals events as a representation of Spotlight Dance Cup!

To apply, please send an email to with a one to two paragraph description of who you are, why you would like to write for us, your overall experience in dance, a favorite story about a time dance has benefited you, four ideas that you have in writing for our blog, and one letter of recommendation.

**Shine On! Blog:

Shine On Facebook Page:


Spotlight Brand Ambassador:

This program is an Instagram opportunity that will reopen in December for the 2019 season. The purpose of this program is to support our social media efforts and grow our brand by featuring dancers with a large following. We are asking that these Brand Ambassadors tag us in the merchandise that we send them sporadically throughout the season. This is an opportunity that a dancer below the age of 19 can be a part of. We will begin recruiting Brand Ambassadors through Instagram direct messaging in January of 2019. You can also email if you are interested in this opportunity.

**Instagram Handle: