Kylie Tolentino: Different Perspectives


kytlie tolentino

I used to dread performing at competitions.

As a dancer, I have been able to overcome many of my fears. I believe that one of my greatest fears used to be dance competitions. When I first began competing, I was always really anxious before going on stage. Just performing is scary enough, but to be judged and scored too is really nerve-racking. When I would watch amazing and talented dancers perform before me, I would start to become uncertain of my routine and doubt my abilities. In the past, I used to dread performing at competitions because it was always stressful and intimidating. I only focused on comparing myself to other dancers. I always pointed out things they had that I did not. However, as time went on, I wanted to change my way of thinking.

Wanting to get rid of all the fear and stress that I had correlated with dance competitions. I wanted to enjoy these experiences instead of waste them away with memories full of dread and anxiety. To make this change, I started to watch other dancers with a different perspective. I promised that I would stop comparing myself and start appreciating the talent I saw.

Dancing pushes my fear away and replaces it with happiness.

Suddenly I began feeling more and more inspired when I watched other dancers. Instead of thinking negatively about myself when I watched them, I started to feel a positive energy pushing me to do better with my performance. Rather than dreading competing, I wanted to showcase to people what I have worked hard to achieve. One of the biggest things that have helped me overcome my fear is all of my friends and family who hype me up and cheer me on when I perform. That sudden rush of emotions I get when people start to enjoy my dancing pushes my fear away and replaces it with happiness. With their encouragement, I remember why I love to dance so much and the reason why I work so hard to improve. I had overcome my fear of competing because I realized that nothing else matters as long as I can experience the amazing feeling I can only get from dancing.