Kylie Tolentino: Support System


kytlie tolentino

Although competition weekends are always fun and exciting, once they end, I am usually left exhausted. However, even when I start to feel tired and stressed during a long competition day, I have a great support system that helps me push through. I wouldn’t be able to get through any of it without my friends, family, and coaches. My family is always there to cheer me on at competitions and I give it my all to perform at my best for them. They are very supportive of my dancing. They always drive me around, especially my dad who takes me to school and dance almost every single day. My friends’ parents also treat me like their own and let me carpool with them to classes, competitions, and other dance events.

My hours of practice and sweat don’t go to waste.

My choreographers always help calm down my nerves and hype up my energy levels before going on stage. They motivate me and make sure that my hours of practice and sweat don’t go to waste. Their motivation gives me the determination to make sure my hard work shows on stage. My teammates, who are my closest friends, play a very big role in the reason I am able to get through long days of dancing. We have been together through hours of rehearsals, competition days, good times and bad times. They support me in ways nobody else could.

My relationship with them makes my dancing experience so much more fun and enjoyable. Competitions are always filled with laughter when I’m with them. However, after all my performances at a competition, the best part is finally going out to dinner with friends and family. It has been a tradition for my teammates and our families to go out to dinner and then a good dessert place after. I consider this the best part of a competition weekend because it allows us to relax, have fun, and celebrate all of our hard work.

After competitions, we always find something fun to do together. Even if it’s something simple like jamming to songs in the car, hanging out at the hotel, making little music videos or just talking about all the fun experiences that happened during the day. They will all be memories that we will always treasure. At the end of the competition weekend, I finally drive home with my family. I then get to take a long, well-deserved rest so I’m ready for the next time to do it all over again.