Emma & Molly: Judges Feedback


emma edwards

I’ve been judged in competition since I was 6 years old. I’m used to judge’s criticism and I like it when they are specific and clear about what I can work on. It isn’t really helpful when the comments are about things that are outside my control, like my costume or my choreography. For me I don’t love it when they are just quiet, I wish they would give me as much information as possible so that I know what I can do to improve.  It is easier to accept criticism from judges that you don’t know personally. I find it harder to be judged and criticized by teachers and choreographers. I guess the distance makes it easier.  Also I don’t love getting feedback in person. Some competitions have the judges talk to you right after you perform. It’s hard for me to remember what they said when I just get off stage.  A few days later is when I like to listen to feedback and have the option to review a few times. For the most part, my experience with judges’ critiques has been positive.


molly edwards

This month, Spotlight asked that I share my thoughts about judge’s feedback. I really enjoy getting feedback from the judges and can’t wait to listen to my critiques after I get home from a competition. I like it best when they point out specific things I need to work on.  I even like it when several judges from different competitions tell me the same thing, because then I understand that it really is an issue that I need to work out.

To be honest though, the judges typically say the same things that my teachers and choreographers are already telling me. When judges’ and teachers’ concerns are similar, it really guides me to work on that problem.  When the judges give compliments, it makes me feel good but doesn’t really help me. I do laugh a little when they tell me to do the opposite of what my choreographer is asking. Also, I don’t love being singled out in group dance critiques as an individual dancer, whether the feedback is positive or negative. It is somewhat embarrassing to me when I’m singled out, especially if they are complimenting me and comparing other dancers to me.  In the end, I’ve learned that the judges are there to help me and their thoughts are really just opinions. It doesn’t bother me if there is criticism if they do it in a kind way.

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