Kylie Tolentino: Critiques and Criticism


kytlie tolentino

Critiques & Criticism

Receiving criticism from judges can be tough. However, there’s always a way to handle it positively instead of negatively. I have always had a difficult time responding to criticism in a positive way but I’ve learned to improve on how to take them as I continue to go to competitions and come home to review the critiques with my coaches. One thing that has helped me is to never take criticism from judges personally. When judges correct you, they aren’t trying to put you down; they’re just trying to do their job and help you out. You always have to keep in mind that the judges are there because they have the experience and knowledge to share with you.

It’s very important to listen to judges’ corrections that can really help you improve. If you always think negatively when listening to them (like they’re just trying to point out all of your flaws) you will just be hurting yourself. Instead, take those corrections positively by thinking “Oh yeah, I could definitely work on that to make it better”.  As judges give me corrections, I’m also always told that they see potential in my craft and I appreciate that very much.

Practicing will help strengthen and improve your weaker points.

Critiques are given not to discourage but to encourage you to work on certain points that can be improved and continue doing the ones that you do well. Use the judges’ feedback as motivation, apply the corrections, challenge yourself to work harder until your next performance, and as long as you feel that you have put in your 100% into your routine, then that should be enough. Keeping those corrections in mind while practicing will help strengthen and improve your weaker points. Actively thinking about them will positively affect your dancing. Taking judges’ criticism in a positive way will help you grow into a better dancer.

At the end of every competition, receiving awards is rewarding but always remember too that enjoying yourself should also be just as important. If you leave the dance floor knowing that you did your best and you had fun, then that should be what matters the most.