Kira Howe: Time Management



Hi everyone! So excited to be part of Spotlight for 2019 and hope to connect with you all too! I can’t believe how fast time is going and spring is around the corner.  Talking about time, do you ever feel overwhelmed and wonder how you are going to get things done?  My mom says, “learning to manage your time now will be important as you enter the business world”. Well, I am not in the business world yet but I do know that between going to school, dancing and volunteering at our church, my week and weekend go by quick.   

Here are some things I do to keep me organized:   

1. Use a Calendar/Planner (whatever works for you)

I have a 12-month wall calendar in my room.  I write down all-important dates, such as school projects, dance competitions, volunteer days, etc., so they are in front of me and to remind me what I have coming up. 

2. Set Goals

To me, goals are important because it allows me to focus, keep motivated and improve on what I want to do better whether its school, sport or dance. This way when I complete my goals I feel that I have achieved what I wanted to accomplish.  If you don’t finish by the date you wanted remember its OK as long as you work hard and don’t give up.  As for school due dates, those take priorities so definitely get that done on time.

3. Be Flexible

Remember this because sometimes I have to be reminded.   When you are marking your schedule always, allow time for interruptions and distractions.  You just never know what may come your way.  

4. Plan Some Down Time

My mom tells me remember you are not a robot!  I try to schedule some time to relax by just listening to music.  Music allows my mind to renew and it helps me to focus when it is time to get back to study.  I also block time to be with my friends and do fun outings like the movies, or hanging out at my home.  

5. Do Not Procrastinate

I can’t tell you how IMPORTANT this is.  I have learned the hard way.  If you have a project from school that is due the following week use time during the weekend to get started.   Trust me the earlier you start you will have the time during the week to review and finalize instead of trying to do it all the night before.