Didi Vega: How to Make Friends with Your Dance Community


didi vega

Hi My Spotlight Friends, I was thinking on a topic for this next blog. My head had so many ideas, but something that has always been in my thoughts is the big influence the dance community has into making friends, whether you have met them in person or not. Making friends feels nice, and is even better when they shared the same passion as you; but tell me do you feel like lot dancers also do become your friend only on social media, and when you are lucky enough to be at the same competition or convention with them, they become shy and they do not talk to you? I’ve been there and I know how hard is to see people you admire so much and you kind of freeze up when you see them, but I am here to help you overcome this. I am not going to lie is something I have been working on to get better at.

I am talking about how to break the ice and letting beautiful friendships flourish. Please if you have any ideas, tips about this leave a comment through this blog or through Spotlight’s IG page, or DM me through my insta account, I will gladly take advice on how to make those friendships better, if you have a story I want to hear about it!

I can name so many amazing friendships I’ve made through my journey, and I’m only 12. I know there are many more I will get to make along the way!

Here are some tips to help you build new friendships:

Go up to them and tell them “Hi!”

Introduce Yourself.

Ask questions and, of course, answer theirs.

Use positive and encouraging words. This is such a great feeling when you finally talk to them.

Do not forget to ask for a picture with them, memories are always fun.


Next time you attend a dance competition/convention, make it a goal to meet at least one new person. I promise that you will get a “Hi” back and will have a beautiful nice new friend.

Didi @didiv101