Kira Howe: Does Placing Really Matter?



But I choose to dance for me, to make something out of nothing but a piece of music and an empty floor.
— Anonymous

Hi everyone!  Happy Spring and hope you have enjoyed spring break.  Mine was amazing!  So, I was thinking what to share and I thought how about something on “does placing really matter?”   Hope you like it and let me know your thoughts too. 

Do you remember the first time you walked into a dance studio?  Well, I did and I am sure you did too.  Walking into your first dance studio and everything looked so big with the barre and the floor-to-ceiling mirror, and I had the attention span of a grain of rice (lol), but it looked to be the most exciting place I had ever seen.  I started with ballet and through the year’s added tap, jazz, musical theater, lyrical, contemporary and hip hop. You name it, I did it and I am sure you did too!


Then, we all wanted to be like the amazing dancer who always placed first overall in dance competitions, right?  Well through the years, I ask you “is placing all that matters in the dance world?”

I really thought about this sensitive topic and going to share my thoughts. We all have seen on social media everyone bragging that they took first place and how you did not hear anything about those who didn’t place.   There is one difference for me that placing is not all that should matter in dance competitions.  This is what I take from every competition I’ve been through and how much I have grown through the experience:

It doesn’t make you any less of a dancer and a performer, and it doesn’t mean any performance you give is less meaningful if you don’t place. 

It is about feeling something you can convey to the audience, and make an entire room of people feel something too.

Dancers should build each other up, not tear each other down.

Celebrate and support your dance friends.

Celebrate your winnings and lessons from all competition because you have earned it.

You don’t need a trophy or a crown to tell everyone how you did. Shout away it’s the BEST feeling.

Lastly, you have grown up to be the dancer you are today. Keep SHINING!!!

- Kira Howe