Didi Vega: Giving My Support System the Gratitude They Deserve


didi vega

We can all relate that doing any activity at a competitive level is a hard thing to do. Remember that support systems are an important part of anything we do in life. Without them, it is hard to believe in yourself and to follow your dreams. There are so many people that attribute to my success and I would not be where I am today without the help from all of them.  I show them my gratitude by working hard so they can see the passion and love I have for what I do, I am sure your support system feels the same about all of you. Here is a few things to show them how much you appreciate them:

Write a thank you note

Give a special gift to show how important they are

Do something nice for them

Make a list of everything they have done for you this will show them how important their help was to you and the difference it made in your life

Spend time with them

You can keep it simple, too…just tell them how much they mean to you

To my teachers/choreographers:

Everyone knows that without a dance coach, dancers would never be able to perform to their highest abilities. Thank you for always believing in my talents and for shaping me into the dancer I am today. Without your hard work and constant dedication, we would not be able to dance the way we do.

To my teammates:

Whether you were part of an old or current team, you have been a huge part of my dance career. I spend the majority of my time with you in those dance studios. Long days are bearable because I am with people I enjoy spending time with, we are a family.

To all my dance moms:

Thank you for taking care of me and cheering up for me as if I was one of your own, and for the constant help you all give me. Making sure I eat well is actually one of my favorite parts, because we all know that sometimes my choices aren’t the healthiest. The trust you put on me by letting me help your kids and letting them see me as a role model means the world to me. Without all of you, daily dance life would not be the same.

To my big sis:

I know dance is not your favorite thing to watch, but you do it anyway. As we have gotten older and both of our lives have become busier by the day, I know being away in college makes it hard for you to make it to my comps. The comps you can make it to are some of my favorites. I know you still support me each day. I love sharing my results with you because I know you care and you want to hear about it. Talking with you about dance is never something you complain about, and for that, I am forever grateful.

To my parents:

My parents are the only ones who have been there throughout the entire time. Friends, Teams and Coaches can change, but your parents will not. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy what was introduce to me at such a young age. I know that driving me to dance practices and competitions is not what you want to be doing all the time, but you have always been nothing but supportive.