Layla Pourhosseini: Assisting Dance Classes!


Layla Pourhosseini

Hey guys, it’s Layla again with another blog post!!

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Today, I will be talking about how I substitute and assist dance classes at my studio!!! Luckily, this year I have been able to substitute a bunch of classes at my studio. I also assist one class a week. With that, takes responsibility because you are a role model for the other students and the younger dancers at the studio. Over the classes I’ve subbed I have picked up a few tips and tricks so here they are:

1) When subbing ALWAYS introduce yourself to the class even if a majority of the class knows you. 

2) Be calm!! You can’t let the students be worried while you sub the class. 

3) If you plan on teaching a combo, choreograph it ahead of time. Making stuff up for a class on the spot isn’t fun trust me 

4) ALWAYS start with warm ups and stretching no matter what. 

5) Ask the kids what they would like to do. If they want to do kicks across the floor then let them!! It will give off a very positive vibe and win the kids over. 

6) Be patient! As a kid I know I can get crazy so don’t get too upset if a kid is miss behaving in class, just politely ask them to stop.

I hope some of my tips help you out and you have the most successful class ever!!!