Layla Pourhosseini: How I Stay Organized on Competition Weekends


Layla Pourhosseini

Competition can get crazy and action packed but it always works to stay organized!!!

Hey everyone, it’s Layla and I want to share how I pack for dance competitions.

With a long competition weekend, many costumes and bobby pins, it’s sometimes hard to always stay organized. Maybe I can help you by sharing how I do it!

Everyone has their own way but I think mine is really effective. I’ve used this method for a few years now and it works way better than my last method. These are the things I never leave comp without!


Stack & Carry 2-Layer Handle Storage Box- You can order them online or buy at your local Target. They come in a set of two so buy as many as you need. I use one bin for each costume. For this competition weekend, I have 6 dances and 8 bins. I always use two extra bins for tights in one and makeup in the other. You’re probably wondering how can I possibly carry all that.

Mobile Rolling Bin- These really are a life saver !! They make the competition load so much easier and lighter. You can find these at many retail department stores. Besides all my costumes, I keep my change of clothes, snacks and a blanket in a big dance bag. 

Small 3-Layer Stack Bins for Accessories- I use these for all my extra accessories, pins, hairnets, hairties, and so much more. 

Extra Outfit and Shoes- I always have an outfit in my bag for awards so I don’t ruin my costumes or dance shoes. I always pack my team clothes and the merchandise according to the competition. 

Stretch bands to warm up your feet- I use TheraBands!

Headphones to warm up to your own music- Look into wireless so you can move around.

SNACKS- Through the packed days it’s hard to get meals so bringing snacks is essential !!!

Money- If you ever want to buy something from the competition, especially, super cute Spotlight Merch!

Last, but most certainly not least, A POSITIVE ATTITUDE!! No matter what, make the best out of the weekends you work so hard for!!!